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Zeversolar introduces a new PV system configuration software ”Zeverplan”- ONLINE NOW 2014-09-19

Zeversolar is now offering a new, simple and free of charge PV system configuration software called Zeverplan. Zeverplan simplifies the entire PV planning process creating the optimum solar power plant configuration within just a few minutes. As a cloud based application Zeverplan is available online at no extra cost and without having to install any software. Registered users have access to a monthly updated module database, worldwide meteorological data and the possibility to input own module information, profiles and unique project templates. It has some significant feature as below:



  • Optimal design for on-grid PV systems
  • Provides suggestions for system optimization
  • Automatic dimensioning of the cable lengths and cross sections
  • Language support: Chinese, German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish



  • Free of charge via cloud based solution
  • No downloading of any additional software.



    Utilizes high-quality meteorological data
  • Includes the most up to date solar module data
  • Worldwide locations - supports areas, towns and cities from across the globe


Since 2013, Zeversolar has invested significant time and effort into improving its process competence, and in turn raised the quality of its products and services. After saying goodbye to old design tool Everplan, Zeverplan becomes a successful fresh new product to reflect Zeversolar’s new claim:
Energy for everybody.

Zeverplan is available with free of charge at or via the Zeversolar’s website at